New friends?

Really just looking for people to talk to who understand what addiction is about. I spent the last 4 years burning bridges, and then the last 6 weeks isolating myself (in a good way lol) so I could work on my recovery. Anyone wanna talk? Be friends? I feel like no one talks about how lonely recovery can be sometimes. Lol.


you are not alone friend, and you do not have to go through this alone, isolating ourselves is common in many recovering addicts, in my personal experience it is one of my biggest flaws, but I have had to put good will in not isolating myself, forcing myself to sharing in meetings, doing service, can help you interact in this community has helped me.


I’ve been here for week and have made about 9 unofficial, unknown and relatable friends. You can be #10, I’ll jump on this thread to say “waddup” and “how bout that (thing) in (place)”. It helps to talk to others with common malpractice, even if it’s mundane material.

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I can relate in many ways if only people understood why you used or how you feeling without being judged.

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Hi! I’m learning how to make sober friends, too. This seems like a great place to start. Happy you are here :blush:

Hi it is hard to find people who do understand unfortunately i have ran into people who might been clean and sober but they are still not that good of people still playing the games that they did using. But alot of people dont know any better i guess but i ask why cant people just be kind well hi here is a pic hope it brightens your day


I am struggling as well to find sober friends… and my family is being overprotective after I overdosed 3 times… I am trying to get out of my social anxiety and connect with people in the gym that I go to… but it is been really hard to find sober friends who want to hang out… especially that I lost my job and lost connection with all my colleagues and lost all the trust of my previous sober friends…
So I feel you and I can relate a lot with what you are going through but I am sure it will get easier with time…
Try to join a running group, book clubs… or any activity or hobby that you like and join a community who participate in such activities which can be a safe environment to some extent… as I am trying to do so as well…
Stay strong and whenever you feel lonely you can express that in this community as its been really helpful for me to get through yesterday as I was a bit down but the support of people here and their advices been really helpful…

Is there a discord for this?

Not sure :slightly_smiling_face: