New here & 6 months clean

Hello everyone im Victoria i got 6 months clean just found this app wanted to checkin and say im grateful for my recovery and all along this journey with me. Peace and blessings


Congrats on your sobriety. This forum and everyone here is awesome. Hope to learn more about you and your journey when you are ready.

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Welcome and congrats :slight_smile:

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Welcome and congratulations!

This is a fantastic community. It is so great to check in every day and support each other. It is a great place to learn strategies and about the experience of others. Welcome!

Welcome and congrats on your 6 months!! Keep going!! :heart:

Congratulations on your 6 months of sobriety and welcome Victoria.

Welcome! Congratulations on your milestone :+1::facepunch::muscle:. Shields high!!

Welcome to the community and congrats on your 6 months! That’s a huge accomplishment :muscle: