New here, day 2 off methadone for pain

Hey amd thanks for reading. I have some serious medical issues amd thw dr ending up putrimg me back on methadone ( I kicked ot once) for pain. I had 13 tumors removed amd feel a lot better so ot was time to bring me down. I do have a serious medical issue and I need to remain on hydrocodone. I know wjat to expect here. I am so scared but I havw to do it now. In 6 weeks we take over the family reaturant. I then need strength to at least run thw front 4 hrs a day. Do you guys think I woll be there? It feels like last time took 6 months. Any recommendations like calms support etc? Last time I didnt have the money for extra stuff and I went cold turkey. This time I some what tappered down. Thank you if tou took thw time. I nees friends in this.

Thank you so much for responding. I felt alone lol. Silly things kinda bother ya at these times. I have so much pressure on me right now. I am taking over a high volume reaturant the middle of June. Its am not going into this addicted to methadone. Thia go round Ive been on it for 3 years. So far I am doing ok. Obviously Im in no condition to do much bit I gotta give the taper down method alot of credit. Oliver your story is I have inspiring. Im Praying for a good outcome but Iā€™m scared tp drath the depression etc is coming. I have not tried meditation so thank you the tip. Thank you fp5r responding

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