New here. Day 45 of sobriety

45 days and moving foward. While i didn’t drink every day and could even go several days without. i didnt like the person I became sometimes when I was drinking. Left some damage in my wake. While i have drank for a long time. I started using it more and more as self meditation for PTSD and several major medical issues in the last 6 years. With the last being cancer. Really was feeling worthless as a person and a man. Guess what really didnt work! So here i am with the growing ability to deal with things in a sober manner and feeling things again. Feeling things better and harder than before. Which is good and bad at times. But also trying to deal with being alone, a pending divorce and not seeing my kids in 46 days. Feeling better physically, spiritually and even mentally. Just not dealing well with the family side. Thats leaving a big hole in me. Doing my best to keep my head above water. But i miss my wife and kids. The couch im on sucks to. Sorry for complaining. Just my brain and stomach is in knots. Sobriety may be easier for me than losing everything I love.


Welcome to Talking Sober and congrats on 45 days of sobriety Bear! I hope you can find some support here. This place sure has been a life saver for me.

Sorry for the hard times you’ve encountered. Know that nothing good will come from drinking (I know you do). And while sobriety in itself isn’t magically going to cure your ailments and problems, it will give you the possibility to work on them. One day at a time. Wishing you all success on your sober journey and welcome again.


Welcome to TS and :clap: on 45 days and wish you well on your journey.


Welcome to TS!! I wasn’t a daily drinker either, but my relationship with alcohol definitely was not healthy and I also left damage in my wake. I am glad you are making changes to your life.

The consequences of our drinking can be very painful and I am sorry for that. I know for me, eventually it helped me understand that I didn’t want to be that version of me anymore or have to deal with all that fallout created by my choice to drink.

Sobriety can definitely make some of life less complicated. It doesn’t magically make life different…there will always be struggle, challenges and pain…that is life. But sobriety does allow us the clarity and space to deal with life’s ups and downs head on and clear. Which is way better than bumbling about making everything worse.

Glad you are here!

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Welcome to TS! So glad you are here.

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