New Here , wanting support from Alcohol and Cocain

Hello ,

I am new here. I’m currently trying to get my life in order… I’m not a everyday user more of a binge user. But lately I’ve been drinking and using alot more. I have hurt the people I love because when I’m using I don’t make rational decisions.

Im trying to move forward to take my life back and to get clean and sober for good. I’ve tried before but fell back into it.

Im looking for any suggestions that will help with any of this.


Welcome Kayce,
Have a good read around.
Join in when your comfortable.

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Hi and welcome I know that for me once I stopped putting any mind altering substance in to my body it gave me the clarity of mind to hear the suggestions given to me from people who had been here before, it also allowed me to do the inner work on myself that always needed to be done and explained why I ever found such refuge in substances. There is a wealth of information contained in these pages, I’ve learned a hell of a lot from this place​:pray::pray:

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Welcome Kayce!
What have you tried before that hasn’t worked?
I abused cocaine and alcohol for years. I would stop on my own here and there but always found my way back to it. AA and this forum have helped me turn my life around. Now the thought of ever picking up again repulses me. It all started with changing people, places and things.
Wishing you the best on your journey.


Hi I am new to this forum. I went to 5 psychiatrists/ therapist before joining a 12 step program. For me, meetings, focusing on one day at a time and getting a sponsor works. First and foremost for me was forgiving myself then forgive everyone else. You have to find out why you do what destroys you. Good luck

I have done therapy sessions with a addictions therapist. They were online I found they helped for awhile but then I fell back in it.
It’s hard when everywhere around you consists of the substances and your just trying to get better.

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I think the key is to work out your ‘whys’ for drinking/using…what are you escaping from? Needing to comfort because of? Running from? Needing to get shitfaced over? What does it all stem from? Then try to face and deal with those things properly and with proper help, we are all here to support you friend


Have you considered in person meetings? I found being around like minded people and doing sober activities with those same people made a huge difference. They gave me the opportunity to experience life and have fun without a substance. Turns out it changed my entire outlook.

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Welcome to an awesome sober community @Moveforward

Ditch the stash!