New here with no outside support

Todays my first day not smoking any form of thc after 5 years of consistent HEAVY daily use. Im about 20 hours in and going through this alone isnt very easy. Today has been a mix of sleeping and if im not sleeping I get very anxious, shakey, emotional, ect. I know thc isn’t even close to what others are going through, I experimented a lot when I was younger and chose marijuana as my d.o.c. Due to thinking I couldn’t get “addicted” or become codependent but now im here struggling. I had to stop smoking due to going to a facility to work on my health tomorrow and the stress added from thats definitely not helping. Just feel very alone going through this.


Congratulations on ur 1st day! The 1st little bit may be abit tough but it does get easier over time. Marijuana is not my DOC but there are many people here who are quitting it. I found it really helpful for me to write down my list of reasons for WHY I quit using drugs. I bring it with me everywhere bcuz triggers can happen at any time. I read thru it when I get the urge to use. Distraction and self care has helped me also. I’m glad u posted and I hope u keep doing so!


Thank you!!!

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Hi there and nice to meet you!
I’m here at TS a lot because the people here are my outside support :wink:
More then 3 years sober from alcohol now with the help of this app. What helped me a lot was checking in every day here at the daily check in treat. I was here every day the first year of my recovery.
If you type in above in the search bar “checking in daily to maintain focus #44” you will find this treat.

See you there? :raising_hand_woman:


Hi welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:
You will receive so much support here, i too have been sober using this app.
I quit smoking 5 years ago, it can be done and you can do it, its great youhave reached out here instead of using. Meetings help and save so many of us.
Im here because of alcohol.


Thank you! Seeing all the support on this app is amazing and definitely helping a lot. Congratulations on the 5 years! Just curious, when you stopped smoking did it cause physical symptoms similar to withdrawals. Im just not even sure if thats what I can call what im feeling @Twizzle00

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To be totally honest I cant remember. I stopped because it was starting to mess with me mentally I’d feel paranoid, sick, lazy lots of horrible feelings it didnt do anything good for me anymore. So stopping made me feel normal again. What I found hard at the beginning was thinking life would be boring without it, washing up would be boring without it etc… but I actually realised life for me was so much better with out it life was fun still.
At the the time I realised I didnt want to still be smoking in the future. But i mainly stopped because it was making me weird.
Stopping gave me relief from all the bad symptoms that smoking gave me in the end.


Oh boy okay. Thats how I started getting, I actually developed agoraphobia due to fear taking over, I was hoping it wasnt from smoking but that seems to confirm it. Thank you for the info!

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Hey @Alat981 :heart:
I’m sorry you feel alone, but you are not!!
We all are here with you and despite some of us may have had a different addiction - the struggle is the same. We are all one community and you are welcome here :hugs:
Remember that first days/weeks are the hardest. Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking about future and take it step by step, day by day. And remember your reasons which brought you to this journey.
If you ever feel that you struggle a lot and that temptation is too strong, please, don’t give in and come here for little bit of love, support and chat :four_leaf_clover:
We will help you to get you through if you let us :rose:

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