New job comes with new challenges

Since my honey lost his job I’ve ditched the stay at home mom gig and got a big girl J.O.B. I’m the night crew for a local grocery store. I work from 12am to 8am. It’s literally my 3rd day and my boss is so impressed with my work and my work ethic he has decided to have me cross train. Ready?? Im the new back up gal for LIQUOR! LMAO!
As I was stocking the “spirits” I was recalling each and every drunk episode with certain bottles. It made my stomach turn with embarrassment. My drinking stories were not my best times at life.
The irony of it all. . . I’m 3 days shy of 30 days sober. I still have no urge to drink. I am really enjoying being sober.


Only if you’re able to handle it. If it starts to give you cotton mouth, I would just be honest with the manager and tell him that you’re a recovering alcoholic. You’d like to do the job, but would appreciate support and awareness.

Maybe that’s terrible advice. I dont know. I’m not an alcoholic.

Well…I stock beer…and in the beginning it made me thirsty…I started thinking about all the stupid crap I would do when I was drinking, all the pain it has caused. Thirst goes away real quickly. We are all different, so that might not help.

Grocery stores will cross train you for everything if you’re willing and show up, they have a pretty high turnover rate and need all the warm bodies they can get.

Scott and Rob gave great advice on the matter if it becomes an issue.

Congrats on the almost 30, the first 30 is just about the hardest month to achieve and no small feat for people like us. Keep present, keep progressing and don’t be afraid to call on the terrible past to kill the romance of the first drink.