New member intro


Hi Guys

just stumbled on this app & already impressed by the concept of fellow members linking together to offer positive support

I have been drinking 70cl vodka daily for a couple of years. Though I do enjoy drinking it at the time and have also felt it helps me through day

Of course reality that it knocks production, health whilst costing a fortune

I was shocked to discover 70cl bottle contains about 1750 calories & 28 units. no wonder weight has been piling on!

Only stopped yesterday but intend to keep off it from now

Looking to read through the forums to learn what is working for others and welcome any comments & advice and will of course be pleased to offer any positive suggestions that I feel is helpful

thanks- John


Glad you’re here, John. Once the fog lifts, get to work on discovering life again.


thanks Nullcorp

yes sure thing

life is much too short to just lay about pi**ed all day waving legs in air

Already feeing really positive enjoying life to the full again👍


Congratulations on making that first step!

To share my experience, which is similar to many others:

Early on I felt disconnected and had a range of emotions. I often felt like there was something i was supposed to be doing, and that made me anxious. It was like there was a cloud surrounding my head all the time.

The key during this time is to stay busy, taking walks, going to the gym, cleaning the house, rearranging furniture, anything to keep the mind occupied.

Also lots of water, seems to help.

Once I managed that stage, then came the hunger. Alcohol is basically a sugar, so I craved sugars, carbs etc. Already being overweight, I figured I could afford to eat a little (lot) extra now, and take of it later.

As far as sleep goes, some nights are good, some are bad. Bad nights I toss and turn for what feels like hours. Almost enough to drive me mad, but I just bear down and push though.

Anyway, take that for what you want.

Good luck!


Welcome John, glad you found this appp!
It helps me a lot! I’m here every day, reading and checking in sober.
Good luck on your sober journey! :+1:


Thanks for sharing your experience Dasindog
I agree with keeping busy, plenty of water & exercise along with balanced diet …no sugary treats! Focusing on an improved future rather than an errant past is helping
Mind over matter, eh?


Thanks for the welcome & encouragement Buts
Noticed your blog & congtatulations for reaching 500 days
a huge achievement under those difficulties
Well done mate, keep it up👍


Welcome! Iv’e been part of this community for ca 7 months now. You’ll find many like-minded men and women,struggeling with many of the same issues,problems and challenges as yourself. And for my part, I get a lot of good advise and support in here. It’s a great app,with great people using it,troughout the world :wink: Hope you’ll find it as usefull as I have… Have a nice day mr :slight_smile:


I think you misundertake me with someone else :grin: I am on day 24 sober, but 500 is on my wish list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think you refer to @anon37742172


Welcome John to the best of a new beginnings xx


Hi John i went to meetings they helped me stay sober wish you well


Hi Kim & thanks for the welcome
quite agree mate, it makes a huge difference sharing moral support via this great app
…may start getting addicted to having a clear head again! :+1:


Ah…just checking!

Im sure you will get there too Ol Bean👍


Thanks Nat
Great to share support with you Guys
keep the sunny side up😀


Many thanks Ray
The positive support really helps
Time to crack this habit mate😉


My advice: you only have to say “no” to one drink…the first drink. Say “no” to that one, and there can never be a second, or third, or eighth. Say “no” to that one drink, and you win, 100% of the time.

Keep getting better at getting better each and every day.


Working on it :weight_lifting_man:


Hi John, you’re definitely making a good move.
Not that my suggestions are worth much, but you might want to look into the books by a bloke named Allen Carr… I’ve found that his books are quite useful.
The crux of the matter is that going without alcohol isn’t DEPRIVING yourself of anything, but rather FREEING yourself from years of bollocks (and even lies, at times) from alcohol companies, movies, television shows, and even often well-meaning friends and family.
Do it for you… I’m no pro at this, certainly, but that’s what I’m trying to do.


Many thanks for your support & book suggestion
Have just ordered Stop Drinking by Allen Carr
Totally agree with yr. mindset freeing rather than depriving
Joined this app last week. Made committments & stopped for 3 days & felt epic. Had a couple of days tho back on so will try the daily check in
Think the support between members is really helpful
Tnx again Bud…keep sunny side up!


Thanks for sharing your experience Bud

Yes looking forward to knocking off this filthy habit for good & returning to a more fulfilimg healthy life :grinning: