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I’m new here. Seven days in.

I’ve been sober before–once for a few years about a decade ago–but that involved an abusive ex-wife and was more enforced sobriety than my choice. Now, I am finally tired of feeling controlled by alcohol. Tired of telling myself I can stop after one when I know that’s a lie.

The revelation I had this morning is that choosing to be sober is positive, while feeling deprived of alcohol is negative.

Overall, it’s going well. I appreciate a place to listen and to share.


This will make all the difference! Welcome. I’m glad you are here!


Welcome! The first two weeks were the toughest for me. I now have a little more than 5 months thanks to the support of this community an aa. I wish you well on this journey!


That’s a great revelation. Alcohol is absolute piss.


Welcome and congrats on 1 week :partying_face:

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