New Premium features & happy holidays!

Hi Talking Sober community,

I hope you’re having a lovely time over the holidays and spending it with people you love.

Sober Time 4.0.93 is now being rolled out. It adds two new Premium features that I thought would be helpful to monitor your sobriety outside of the app.

Widget Tracker Color
The widget’s tracker color has always been white. This is limiting and doesn’t always look great on your home screen or your background. You can now change the color to your liking. This varies slightly depending on the type of widget you have set up.

For Android or iOS Today (legacy) widgets, tap the settings button in the bottom-left corner of the widget you want to edit.

For iOS Home Widgets (new), long-press the widget and tap ‘Edit Widget’.

You’ll see there is a new option for ‘Tracker color’:

  • Light - This is the default white text
  • Dark - A dark text, not quite black
  • Inherit - This will get the color of your tracker inside of Sober Time and use it on the widget
  • Custom - You can mix your own color. This option is not available on iOS Home widgets due to the limited configuration options made available by iOS, but you can use Inherit to get the color you want.

Here’s an example:

Status notification
This is a completely new feature that you can use to view your Sober Time trackers in your notification tray. Think of it as a text-only widget that updates in real time. This feature is only available on Android. iOS can’t update a notification, it can only send new ones.

It is enabled by default for Premium users, and it will start up when you next open the app. You can disable it from Sober Time’s Settings > Notifications or from the notification itself by tapping ‘Disable’

Your first 5 trackers will be shown in the notification tray, like this:

All the best


Thanks for the new features, @Robin
Happy Holidays to you, the best of wishes, and an early Happy 2024!

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I will check it out! Like the colour options!
I wish you a happy Christmas Robin :santa::evergreen_tree::mrs_claus:
And all the best for :two::zero::two::four: :firecracker::sparkles: