New to sobriety in Louisville ky

Anyone in Louisville ky need a new group of friends.


Not Kentucky but California. Befriending you long distance. Welcome to amazing platform to connect and stay sober.i stole this from the meme thread this morning.

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A better way of life.

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I was on a business trip to Louisville done years ago and I found the local AA very friendly and welcoming there.


We are all here for you! And although we may be far as the bird flies. We are all connected on this app. And no matter what time of the day someone is here to talk to. We are in all the time zones.

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Welcome! You have tons of friends right here at your fingertips. Hope to see ya around often.

For IRL friends, I found AA to be extremely helpful. I’ve met some lifetime friends in the rooms and we are constantly planning and doing sober activities outside of meetings. I never imagined I’d be living such a fulfilled sober life.

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