New to the forum but not sobriety

Hey everyone, I’m Josh and I’m 27 years old. I’m 434 days sober from alcohol tonight as I write this. I’ve been through in patient treatment (relapsed 7 months later). The second go around I went to intensive outpatient treatment, both were my decision and completely voluntary because I was tired of the life I was living and knew exactly where I would end up if I kept things up.

I don’t go to AA, I have gone before my relapse and it just wasn’t for me which some people have found out themselves. I’ve had this application for around 10 months and just kind of hopped in and out of the forums a couple of times but never posted. I figured I’ve made it this far and rather than become complacent I’d like to get more involved and thought this would be a good way. I look forward to meeting all of you and I truly wish the best to each of you!


Welcome! I find this forum very helpful!

Thank you! I’ve seen a lot of very helpful people on here and obviously a lot of us have very similar stories and experiences so I can definitely relate to many people.

Hey there. I’m 29 and struggled with binge drinking a couple times a week for the good part of last year. What was your drinking like and what made you stop?

For me it was a blackout where I took an Uber and Google showed that we went in circles for some reason. No idea why. It’s so scary.

Hey the reason I decided to quit was a few things. For one I was spending so much money, I was the type to always be buying rounds for everyone didn’t matter if I knew you or not. I was also drinking very heavily 5-7 days a week. I didn’t care if I had to work the next day or not. I would say the thing that really opened my eyes was when I rolled my car and didn’t rememeber any of it.

I was in the hospital for 5 days not remembering at least 37 hours of the night it happened and the complete next day which I was in the hospital. I had received two brain hemorrhages and a nice scar the width of the seatbelt across my neck which is my constant reminder now that for some reason I walked away perfectly fine besides some short term memory issues.

When I relapsed and I was pulled over for drinking and driving and my BAC was over a .300 which is nothing to be proud of to say the least. It was terrifying knowing that I picked up right where I left off. That being said I can promise myself that if I pick up one drink I know exactly where I’ll end up and that is prison or dead.