New to this app hi everyone

I’m new here. Someone from another app recommend I try this out. I’m a week shy of being two months sober. Alcohol is my substance of choice. Just wanted to leave a quick message. Hi all. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the ts community awesome caring ppl here, congrats on almost 2 months:)

Hello and welcome, you’ve already got some great sober days behind you so I hope your feeling good. Enjoy your time on here with us and I wish you well on your journey.

Hello! Welcome!!

Hello Welcome do you have a story? How is sober life treating you?

Welcome! You came to right place! :wink: congrats on 2 months!

:wave:t2::wave:t2: yello and welcome! This is a great place to be at.

Congrats on almost two months. That’s so HUGE!!


A lot of amazing and helpful people here!

Congrats on 2 months :smile:

Hey all. You know the person who recommended this said it was a pretty great community. Thanks all for the warm welcome. I made mention on the other app (which isn’t actually about sobriety) that it hadn’t occurred to me how much support and encouragement were welcome. I had simply casually mentioned my sobriety and someone expressed encouragement and it really touched me. So I was pointed to this app and now here I am.

My story? It’s probably not unlike many of yours. Grew up in a very abusive home with an alcoholic (my Dad). He was physically violent with my mom my brother and I. He was just mean to my other brother and sexually wrong with my sister (I don’t know how else to say that). Those two, the ones he didn’t hit weren’t his biological kids. There was mental abuse too but it’s sorta hard to explain. It was just living in constant fear that anything would set him off. There was this whole big production that would happen everyday when it was about time for him to come home and then we’d all walk on eggshells the rest of the evening. The mental toll of that is a lot. And it lasts forever. My mom suffered mental health issues. When I was 6 I was present for the rape of my 16 year old sister and we were removed from the home 2 days later. A lot of stuff happened (I’m leaving out a bunch) and we were allowed to go back so long as my father didn’t live there anymore. But he did live there so my sister ran away to live with a man old enough to be her dad. No surprise there. Her biological dad was a deadbeat and my dad was awful to her. After all the commotion my already fragile mother ended up in a mental hospital a couple times. My oldest brother bolted at 18. I was left behind with the younger of the 2 brothers and everyday was a nightmare until I was 17 when I tried to kill myself for the 2nd time. At which point I begged God to change things somehow because I couldn’t handle the crap anymore. Shortly after, my father got a job 400 miles away and my parents didn’t force me to follow. I stayed behind. Fast forward to now even with a B.A. I can’t afford my own place. Not am apartment. Not a roommate. Not nothing. I live in, the second most expensive area in my country. So I’m back with my ever dysfunctional parents. I’m way too old to be here and I’m very emotionally warn. It’s been rough.

My alcohol abuse started around 2014/2015 or so but I guess it’s kinda hard to nail down the exact period. It sorta crept up on me. I ended up in a very abusive relationship with an alcoholic (later a drug addict). I know. Shocking! And for the first time in my life I turned to alcohol to deal. All those years I thought I was totally crushing whatever predisposition I had inside me and I was kinda walking around like I was the baddest MF ever. But no. It must have always been there just under the surface waiting for the perfect time to manifest.

I do want to add that although my folks have been a source of great pain in my life, I love them dearly and I’m fiercely protective of them. So you know, I don’t hate them or anything. Far from it.

I’ve been trying to get sober and get healthy for some time now. This must be my 6th or 7th attempt. This is the longest I’ve gone though so I guess that’s something. It’s a scary place to be. Because of my past failures I keep not letting myself feel comfortable in this moment. Like I’m expecting that at any minute I’m just gonna screw up again. I can’t tell you how terrifying that it is. But I suspect many of you know the feeling.

Again, I want to thank you all for the warm welcome. Kdog, congrats on a year and 2 months! Congrats to all of you for your sobriety. Really. I mean that. God bless.


Hi friend, it’s me :slight_smile: nice to see you here! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do. I’m glad you made it.

And just FYI, I will keep anything I read here to myself. I’m sorry to read all this, but I really am glad you’re here.

Hey you! :slight_smile: Thanks for the recommendation. I appreciate the discretion. It’s not that definitely wouldn’t openly share on another forum, it just makes more sense here. I certainly will keep any info you or anyone else shares private as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Hi @Ascent, I’m new here too, welcome. You have been through so much in your life and I wish you all the best with your sobriety. Keep going! :blush:

WELCOME!!! glad to have you here.

Welcome and thank you for sharing your story and congrats on the two months! That’s a really big deal. I’m sure there is someone out there who got clean/sober on their first go and never looked back, but honestly most people don’t. There are successes and there are failures. What really matters in the end is that you keep trying. All successful people are experts on failure. Dr. Gabor Mate believes that all addictions have roots in trauma and pain. It sounds like you’ve had a rough time and I think you’re being very brave by trying to better your life. Be sure to stick around. We all want you to succeed.

Hi thank you for sharing your story, welcome. There are wonderful people here who will share their experiences freely. Im glad you’re here, all together we can help eachother.

That’s a hell of a story, well done for getting thru it and committing to being sober.

WoW. Thanks again for the support. You guys really know how to make a girl feel welcome. Idk how through any of it I really am :neutral_face: but I do recognize that I could have easily gone down an even more destructive path so I guess I do give myself credit for at least trying. Thanks again all.

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Welcome freind , best of luck … currently at 6 months and 19 days,at one point I made it too 40 and relapsed. Eventually I decided to get extra help … rehab , finding AA , getting a sponsor and now it’s been alot easier , at times things are still hard. …nothing’s perfect …but I’m able to deal with my emotions more and I face them head on …I learned a lot , Substance abuse is us being afraid of facing the world …that’s what it comes down too, once your able to deal with life in a more positive way and start doing things for others and live less selfishly and step outside of yourself you begin to live for a higher purpose. You not only stay sober but your happy while doing it :slightly_smiling_face:. Anyways that’s my experience and once again , wish you the best of luck

Wow that’s a lot you have going on. Thanks for sharing your story. So good to see you here though, and doing the right thing for yourself. It might not feel like the easiest thing to do, to get sober, but you’ve seen what happens when it gets out of control so you already know that it can be worse with it than without it. Just gotta get through the beginning, the worst of it.

I hope everything gets better for you soon, money and living situation. Sounds like you’ve got your shit straight and know where you’re supposed to be in life. Just gotta keep pushing and you’ll get there. Put in to get out ya know.

How are you feeling now that you shared and are here and sober? How’s recovery treating you so far?