New to this. Day 1 sober

Hello. I am nervous but ready to get and stay sober and healthy and live life. Ive been reading through a lot of the threads here and everyone seems so helpful and supportive. :purple_heart:


Welcome @Tinamarie.
Glad you’re here. Read some of your previous posts. I can only imagine how hard it is to experience the consequences you’re facing with your children right now. But it’s shocked you into making some major life changes. Going to AA. Joining TS. Some good first steps you’re taking.

Life is better sober. You and your children will be grateful for the decision you’re making to stop. Just keep coming back, and never give up, never.


Morning. I’m only day two.
One day at a time. Good luck. We’ve got this


Hello and welcome to you! 🙋
I’m here on this app every day and it helps me a lot! Like you mentioned allready: there are a lot of helpfull and surportive people here.
So when you have cravings or need help (or both :wink: ) come here to vent! We are all here for you!!
Sober life is worth the work!! :facepunch:
Today is my 252 day sober, if I can you can!!


Welcome and glad you’re here! The first day and first step matter so much! It’s hard now but gets easier I promise!! Maybe reach out to a good aa or nah and start the 12 steps I do the 12 steps and start again and again for over 5 years and I truly feel it does help! I read what I call my good books everyday which for me are the Bible to stay strong in my faith ( I know that’s not for everyone) and my blue book (na book)!! If you ever need anything there are so many people who can support you and I would love to be on that list! Here if anyone needs anything!

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Thank you so much for your reply. I did go to an aa meeting close to me this morning. Almost dodnt go in but i did. So glad i did. Was immediately so welcomed and given some great info and a list of all meetings in town and what diff ones. Ill be going to one for beginners tomorrow. I also ordered the big book today. I know it womt be wasy but its beyond time. Im so very grateful for finding this group as well. :purple_heart:


Wow. 252. Thats wonderful! Thanks so much for your reply and kind words. I can already tell i will be on here a lot as well. Can juat feel the support. Its anazing :purple_heart:

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That’s amazing!! The big book helps so much! I’ve been sober for 1,831 days and I still read it daily I’m on step 5 for the I don’t even know how many times! The steps work for me and support from a community is so important and staying away from any of the bad influences or “triggers” as some call it! I’m always here if you need me! My notifications on here don’t notify me but send a message anytime day or night for any reason! Keep moving forward! You got this!!

Yes. I work overnights so those nights are no problem. Its my nights off im worried about cause thats when i have a routine of “chilling and drinking” Im always at home so im thinking i need to change that up in the evenings and do something different. Maybe start walking on the beach _ very close to me( its sad ive never done it really. Today i feel confident. We’ll see though. My biggest thing right now is praying my kids will forgive me. We’re all very close but this last one has them all not speaking to me right now. Heartbreaking because their my everything. Tomorrows my oldest bday. Im hoping to get them all together with me and talk. Ok. Sorry for the long rant lol thanks

Welcome @Tinamarie. You’ve found a place filled with beautiful souls. Wishing you success each day. Just be gentle with yourself and stick to your plan :heart:

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Thank you :purple_heart:

It’s not a rant it’s a vent and that’s what we are all here for! I have kids too and also work nights! Once you get into the aa/na community you can get a sponsor and I’m always here as well as a bunch of others! Staying in the house where you have had so many nights drinking is hard, definitely get out maybe with a sober friend or listen to music and go for a run or read a book on the beach or at a coffee shop. Again feel free to reach out! So proud of you, keep it up is all you can do. It may take time for the kiddos to come around but they will just show them with actions everyday momma

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