New to this group/app. Saying Hi

I have 60 days if Soberity today. I feel so focused and want this very much. I’d love to connect with people who have Soberity time and share our experiences.


Welcome!! And congratulations on 60 days!!
This group of people is so amazing and supportive.
Glad to have you here :heart:


Thanks so much. I appreciate it.

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welcome! Congrats on your 60 days!

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Thank you. How much sober time does everyone have here? Everyday counts.

Welcome and congrats on 60! :purple_heart::tada::purple_heart:

I just have 3

36 years for this old Scotsman

Welcome and congratulations Stephanie. That’s really great :clap: This a very supportive community. There’s a lot to explore. As a way of connecting I’ll share this

Been here since June 27th exactly one month after I checked out of the rehab hotel. It’s indispensable for me. Over time I have made some beautiful connections. My favorite thread is daily gratitude. I need to start my day reading shares and sharing. So look around settle in and keep coming back. Hope to see you around .

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That’s a miracle number for me