Newbie and in need

First time posting, have struggled with binge drinking and cocaine abuse for approx 11 years now! Have had periods of sobriety, with the longest being a year and a half, however always return to using!
I have been unable to stay very long in any job during this time, as I become unreliable, phoning on sick and fabricating all sorts of reasons I am unable to work.
My family are sick of me promising to stop week after week, and have run out of patience and support, they have pretty much given up on me.
I want to be free of this chaos, and be the person I once was, it seems an unreachable dream right now.
My finances are appalling and my almost adult kids are constantly going without , I never feel well and have no energy and feel emotional all the time.
I so need to do this, and need people to talk to that are going through the same, I am unable to go to a group as I work all day and evenings too right now.
Thanks and sorry for long post


Welcome Karen.
Read around, lots of information and good advise to benefit from :slight_smile:


Hello Karen,
I have not been to a group at all and this app has been very beneficial for me. Lots of good reads and lots of support and help with accountability with grace. Stick around you’ll see how great of a tool this is. One day at a time (ODAAT :pray:t3::butterfly:)


Welcome Karen!! Sounds like a painful existence…I can relate…was a binge drinker for 40+ years and a cokehead for around 25 years off and on…as well as other drugs. Oof…it sucks the life out of you, doesn’t it? It is so hard being in that cycle and wanting out.

This can be a really helpful place. Lots to read…new threads…old threads. Searches can be done for binge drinking or cocaine or tips …stuff like that.

You certainly came to the right place if you are looking for sobriety support and community. :slightly_smiling_face:


How are you doing today? Is it Day 1?

So glad you are here! It seems overwhelming but let’s do this moment by moment. Today we choose sobriety :blush: I’ve been on here Mayne half of my day because I really needed to interact. It’s been a life saver.


We’re ALL glad that you’re here !
I’m not one for meetings and all that, but I can suggest a very good book, which I have personally found to be quite helpful. It’s the “stop drinking” book by Allen Carr… inexpensive, an easy read, you can download it from Amazon for about €7, so no huge cost there.
You can do it, we all can !

Hi, welcome :pray:t2:. This place is amazing, stick around here with us. I wish you all the best in your journey and look forward to seeing you around :two_hearts:

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Thank you, it has already been really cathartic just seeing that others have been in the same boat!
I am working long hours for the foreseeable and think keeping busy will help, I seem to let lose when I know I have a day off to recover, actually plan my using around work a lot of the time!

Thsnk you so much, I really want to get off this merry go round of madness, I think talking to others is really going to help. Have plenty of work to keep me occupied, just need to keep showing up and faking it till I make it!

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Day two done!
Usually waver around day six!

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Staying busy has for sure been one of the biggest helps for me even on days off. I try and workout even if its just a walk. Walks are amazing. Texting family and friends. Watching tv, cleaning, and even napping. Whatever it is to keep me away from the drink.


How are things going?

Hi Karen, how are you? We’re all here for you and understand your struggles. Please don’t give up on yourself. :pray::heart:

Can you plan a big sober event for your day off? A meeting maybe? Those do help!