Newbie and nervous bee

Well…tbh… I felt a little ashamed having to get to the point where I searched for a sobriety app. :roll_eyes: but I force myself to remind myself that I DID.

Here I am. Humiliated that I had to. My husband and I both enjoyed our wine or cocktails so much so that it was happening far too frequently since our 11 years together. We are each in our late 50s and retiring soon.

The day AFTER not drinking I feel so good. Him too! It is the night before where temptation is like an evil seductress trying to convince me that we should “just have one…or two”. That never happens. I have to face that bitch when she comes creeping up and tell her to LEAVE MY HEALTH, MY LIFE, MY WEEKEND, MY BANK ACCOUNT ALONE! MY NEW COPING I GUESS!

Yesterday, we ( together ) bought a new tree for our yard and will plant it next weekend. People usually plants trees as a memory of someone they’ve lost… I chose to buy one as a tribute to our new and hopefully forever new life without the bitch!

I know it will bring goodness eventually but that bitch HAS been a part of our life so it will take some time. My husband isn’t as weak as I am but he’s also easily convinced to have a drink or far more with me.

He and I are doing this together! NO MORE THREESOME! LOL

SO… HERE I GO… I feel like a newborn colt with wobbly legs but I visualize that each wobbly step I take IS a step and with each wobbly step I get stronger.

I look forward to planting my Korean Dwarf Lilac next weekend and watching it grow!

Thanks all for reading this and being there to read my plight.


Welcome to forum - this is a great place to read and share :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community,I strongly suggest that you spend at least a day or two over the next couple of weeks reading around the old and new threads throughout this wonderful forum.
I have no experience with problemattic drinking or alcoholism but having read around here I would say that I understand pretty much 90 percent of how it can start,middle and end and have a very good understanding of how it can be beaten. The information is all here for free and for the taking! :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Hiya! Welcome! You have definitely come to the right place :+1: be kind to yourself… I call that annoying voice in my head “the wine bitch”. It does get easier, I promise. It takes work and one day at a time but you can be free :+1::two_hearts::pray:t2:


Welcome!!! I’m so glad you are here AND you’re blessed to have this journey with your hubby! Just think how much money you’ll save for retirement vacations instead of booze! :heart::heart:

I also have a “wine bitch”, I like to refer to her as the “wine witch” because oh the spells she casts to try to get me to drink. I have a similar relationship with my husband. I believe he’s a problem drinker due to my influence over the years. We’re almost to 30 days for the first time together. This app has been a great help! Welcome!


Nice to know I’m in a similar situation with my husband. I can’t imagine if he wasn’t on board. I feel bad for being so easy for the wine witch making me an easy subject to prey upon. Hopefully no more? No drinks last night and 2 hours working in the backyard today. Took a break and had a no alcohol cooler on ice. Admired our work and Texas meatloaf and corn on the cob for supper. Then our fave show to heckle at… 90 day fiance. Today is a good day. Happy for you and your husband !

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Welcome to the spot. We love :deciduous_tree:.

Welcome! You’re in a wonderful, knowledgeable community here. It’s so nice to meet you! Read around and learn as much as you can.

That “bitch” as you call her - I sometimes call mine the “addict voice” that calls me to bad decisions - she’ll be with you. But as you work your sobriety you’ll learn to recognize her voice, then let it pass you by, like a stranger passing you on the street.

Welcome to your sober life. You deserve a safe, sober life where you can be your full self. Never forget that.

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Just remember to take it one day at a time! Find things to use as distraction. I read a lot, binge tv shows, play games. I come on the app a lot. It’s been easier with the husband on board this time.

Hello there and welcome to TS! Slow and steady wins the race!! You are in the driver’s seat and control your destiny on your journey. I think it’s really cool you are planting at the start of your journey. Some tips if I may: Remember, every day counts the same as the one before and after. Hold your hobbies close revisit old ones and try new ones. Read, post and become as active here as you’d like. There are SOME really wonderful people here to lean on and back you up! I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey! Take it one day at a time.Focus on you and be kind to yourself! Congratulations on the beginning of your new life! It really is an awesome feeling!

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