News & facts about addiction and substances

July 27, 2022

Thinking it could be useful to post news about addiction, treatment, substances and related stuff here.


This is a type of treatment that really works IMO. Holistic, a term I used to be allergic to. No more.
@Dazercat Might be worth a visit when you’re back home?


“In kitchen culture, there’s a lot of anxiety and depression,” he said, in addition to high rates of suicide and substance abuse. But at Café Gozhóó, he sees a camaraderie that stands in contrast to the traditionally competitive environment of professional kitchens and began practicing some of the lessons of sobriety himself, taking a step back from his own relationship with alcohol and focusing on discipline and teamwork in life and the kitchen.”

Both of my sons have talked about the high rates of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse in the kitchen. My oldest has been a sous-chef for over 15 years, and he’s always said when camaraderie in the kitchen is lacking, you can expect trouble. Thanks for sharing this. I’m passing it along to them.


Depressing title, but actually some interesting developments in treatment in the article


Strong story


From a professional’s perspective. Good article nonetheless IMO

The Two Simple Edicts of Successful Addiction Treatment Opinion | Harm Reduction Is What Successful Addiction Care Looks Like - The New York Times

Just more incentive…

No amount of alcohol is safe, says new report from Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction

In sharing this link, let me be clear that it is not meant to shame anyone or myself for what we may have done to our bodies! That was yesterday, this is today. Sober today!
I just find articles like this such a good antidote to all of the dressing-up and glamorization that drinking gets.
It’s still rocket fuel (thank you Holly Whitaker). And just not meant for human consumption. :orange_heart:


Absolutely! At 7 months sober diagnosed with breast cancer. Alcohol definitely played a role in that. Cancer free today, and I thank getting sober for helping me catch it and get thru treatments. Glad this information is finally getting out!


Your recovery from multiple things at once inspires the hell outta me. Not only that you’ve done it, but the way you’ve done it.
Grateful for you here! On this forum and earth. :relieved: :orange_heart:


Oh thank you, Emm! I do appreciate that. I’d love to take the credit but my HP and sober communities like TS absolutely got me thru. Treatment wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be. I too am grateful to be on this amazing journey with you today. You are a gem.