Next level: getting rid of microwave food

Changing my food habbits, getting back having fun in cooking. Who joins? :nerd_face:


They’re all here. Most things you can think of, already have thread, LOL

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When I went sober, I started scratch cooking every meal. Best thing, next to putting down the bottle!


Wow, I admire your creativity / drive.
I’m not like that at all… I don’t microwave much (except to warm things up from time to time), but I do eat lots of frozen stuff.
I have a bad sense of smell / taste, so that doesn’t help.
But mostly I just don’t care. I eat the same sorts of things day in and day out… though I do usually have a bowl of salad everyday.
I just can’t be bothered making anywhere near that kind of effort just for myself.

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Wow! That looks great! I am not a fan of my microwave and I absolutely need to overhaul my food habits! Thank you for sharing!! Congratulations on the commitment to better health!

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