Foodies Unite #2

Somehow, I think those may actually be tasty.

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And did you say room temperature? :grimacing:


OK. I will head to the Asian market tomorrow. I will let you know. :nauseated_face:


Brave! I’ll watch for the updates :wink:

It can’t be much different than gefilte fish, right?

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That was my birthday cake. It was chocolate with raspberry frosting and it was really good lol.


We love Rocky Road here! My daughter makes it for us with special occasions like birthdays. After that we do not eat for a week or so :hugs:


Even quitting alcohol, my sweet tooth is basically null.

My kids would LOVE it.

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The fish sausage will happen. I am just not sure when I get to a store that may have them.

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That looks lush! If it’s home made can I have the recipe please :blush::+1:

What??? :nauseated_face: they don’t look good… no no no :zipper_mouth_face::dizzy_face: fish sausage!? Why?? :woman_shrugging:t3:

Now that’s more like it :yum: could I have that recipe to please. Looks amazing! Xx

Hahahaha ! Sleep well and I’ll look forward to the recipe tomorrow :blush::+1:

Mmm my desert from last night. Belgian waffle, clotted cream ice cream, miniature marshmallows and raspberry sauce. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mouth watering I will definitely be trying that !!.. minus the coriander :grimacing:

Looking forward to trying this. There is an Asian market in Sheffield (uk), the city nearest to me. I’m going to get in there for the ingredients. Thank you for sharing :pray:t2::yum::two_hearts:

Another weekend another cake!..

Lemon meringue :yum::yum::yum::yum:


Ooooo that looks interesting! You gotta let me know how that one goes :boom: :bomb: that looks like some seriously hot stuff… I love that you keep finding these weird and wonderful things… keep it up! But it’s a definite no to fish sausage from me, I’m afraid :nauseated_face::rofl::rofl: - I am on the lookout for the fish sausage. Stay tuned!


This thread did not disappoint… Yummy!!!