Nightmare about drinking

Hi, I’m only 4 days sober but have been actively recovering for several months now. The last few days I’ve really enjoyed being sober though there has been plenty of opportunity and excuse to drink. Anyway… last night had a dream that felt like a nightmare where I was waking up in random places with my work colleagues and I had no recollection of how I’d gotten there or of my actions the night before. It felt terrible, but just like I have done a thousand times in my real life. What a wonderful feeling it was to wake up from that dream and realise that I was perfectly sober. Have a great day! X


Congrats on your 4 days! I’m only 3 days and just started really dreaming again… if you know what I mean. I had a terrifying dream about using last night, it felt so real, and I was so disappointed in myself. I think our subconscious is trying to tell us something! Anyway, keep fighting the good fight!! Congrats and best of luck to you!!


I just felt it was brilliant that something that was part of my life pretty regularly now feels like a nightmare and as you say it’s our subconscious telling us that which is the best part of all! Congrats on your progress too, sounds like you’ve really turned a corner, well done @remakingsunshine!


Congrats on 4 days! Keep on it ! I actually love those types dreams of relapes. They remind of how shitty I felt after one of my drinking episodes. It never ended Pretty and the dreams never do either.

Good Luck!

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