Nine days today

Hi all. I am nine days cigarette and alcohol free today and I am feeling great. I spent two hours at the gym the last three days in a row. My legs and arms and back are basically dead, but I think being so worn out is helping me sleep.

Does anyone else journal? Like handwritten? I started one when I started this sober journal and I have written in it every day and it really makes me feel better and helps me feel accountable. Handwriting things makes them feel more solidified to me, like writing down the fact that I don’t want to drink or smoke anymore makes it feel more real, more solid. As though it will be easier to do it.

How are all of you doing? I have finally settled in for the evening and am watching Friends. Let me know how you all are. :heart:


Congratulations on 9 days alcohol and cigarette Free!! That’s huge!!! I am on 17 days alcohol free and about a week sleeping pills free. I love being sober and am so grateful when I get out of bed clear headed. The thing is that I regularly catch myself making plans for future drinking episodes…like 4th of July etc. Do you ever do that to yourself? I know I am loving being sober and I know that alcohol NEVER did me any favors!
I haven’t started journaling yet, but I am reading self help books and watching Netflix and prime videos about alcohol and what it does to your body.
On a personal note… Friends is amazing and never gets old no matter how many times you watch it!!! Enjoy your sober evening!!!


Thank you! It really is an amazing feeling to wake up without a hangover. I am also loving being sober, but I do worry about future holidays and parties. My birthday is in June and my wedding is in August (my husband and I already got married, but had to postpone our wedding because of COVID-19) and I worry that I may not be able to remain on this path. It is definitely going to be difficult, but I think I can do it. I can use my journal as a reminder of how bad I felt and how much better I’m doing. I also watch a lot of Netflix and have been doing some reading. I agree that Friends is amazing! It is definitely my comfort show. I have watched it so many times. I hope you have a great evening too!

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Thank you! I think my secret is not even technically a secret. When I get super wasted I smoke so many cigarettes that when I come to, I never want to smoke again. This time I am just trying to stick to it. I have been smoking off and on since I was 15 (I’m 30 now), but it got worse as an adult, especially when I drink. I can still recall the feeling in my chest and the taste in my mouth from all the chain-smoking I did during my last bender and it helps me not touch them ever again.

What is a gratitude journal? That sounds cool!

That journal looks great! Sometimes writing is hard and I think I need some writing prompts or something. I might look into something like that.

:joy::joy: Well it shows you’re watching Friends! Haha!

Great job on 9 days! Double digits for you tomorrow which is bloody awesome! Jouralling is a solid tool in your sobriety toolbox my friend, stick with it! I have started it again 1st Jan this year and not missed a day so far! Love it too!

Congrats on begining your sober journey! All the best!


I am doing fine sorry for late reply

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Great job yes I journal it sure helps to right my stuff down on paper it’s very powerful and it takes the power out of whatever might be going on in my head! Great job you sound very happy and peaceful tonight! So happy for you my friend!