Nine M0nths

Well, i made it to nine months… actually i have a few more hours to go. I drank my last beer on my drive to work nine months ago at 4 A.M.

A lot of shit has changed all pretty much for the better. I lost weight and gained so many positive things. Im a much better father, husband, friend, worker, member of society in general.

If you’re just starting your journey im here to tell you there is hope. Your life can be better. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by getting sober.

I want to thank everybody here, it doesn’t matter if your new or an OG. Every post I read strengthens my conviction just a little bit. I could not have made it this far without you all.

Stay strong, battle on friends.


Well done, Dan. I’m glad your here.

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Much love brother. Congrats dude, thank you for talking with me when I need it and helping guide me through, whether it be with lifting or just needing someone to chit chat with. You’re a big inspiration with a strong future ahead of you. Have a awesome day.

@anon28001181 same to you man much love for both of yah :metal:


Thanks man. Look at you and the work you’re putting in, the people you help on this site. You’re pretty damn inspiring yourself, keep killing it!


Im glad you’re here too, thanks.

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Well done Dan! Huge Congrats to you! You’re so supportive of each and every one of us.

congrats fireworks

Man, it’s great to read this. If I can remember correctly it’s basically the same things that I wrote at 8 months.
Well done Dan. I’ve seen your posts and they show a strength that is needed on this journey.
Well done buddy :facepunch::muscle:

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Wonderful work on your 9 months!!! Congratulations!!

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Congratulations Dan! Nine months feels so good! I always enjoy reading your posts, thanks for being active on here and sharing with us!

All the best to you and a long healthy stable sobriety! :muscle::blue_heart:

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