No help from anyone

I have posted many times how I’m not well. My sobriety, depression, suicidal thoughts. Going through a divorce, losing everything…no one responded. Ive done everything and not getting support from here…I’m done. Goodbye to you and im hopeful you can help someone


Don’t go!!! I don’t always see everyone’s posts I kind of stick to the same few message boards. I’m sorry I didn’t respond…. I’m here if you need someone to talk to :black_heart:


I am just not okay. Thank you for being there

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Just gave you a reply on your last post ?? as i suggested there are plenty of meetings and programs out there , i lost everything when i was going through a divorce but i went to meetings and got support no internet at that time i had to make the effort . nothing will change till you change it wish you well


you posted 5 times in 4 months, visited 8 days and read 1 hour. what are you expecting?


I only joined a few days ago but I am so sorry about the pain you are going through. I will be praying for you.


I am also newly sober. Just hit day 41. Feel free to message me … I’m here if you need to chat.


I would love tools to get through this but meetings throw so much religion into it. I need help with my mind, my beliefs are not the matter

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Dont think Smart meetings do ? and AA isnt religious ,if its your mind maybe see a therapist


I responded to your previous post (as did others)…you can see mine and other responses…here…

I know it can be confusing and hard to locate our posts when we are new to the forum. You should be receiving some notifications up in the right hand corner where your avatar is, this shows responses and you can click on them. Hope that helps.

Also, I may merge your other thread with this one, so that you can get all the support in one thread. :people_hugging::heart: Hope you are okay.


Hello @Lildezz,

I’m sorry you’re going through some stuff right now. If you need immediate help, you can reach the crisis hotline by calling or texting 988.

You can also google the crisis hotline and reach by chat if that’s more your speed.

Please allow the forum time to respond to your needs, some days and times are a little slower than others and so immediate help just isn’t possible; we try our best.

In the meantime, I’d suggest contacting that 988 number for immediate help. Then maybe get up, get showered, go fo a walk and clear your head for a minute.


This is a big forum, with lots of people on and off at different times. You don’t always get immediate or full responses. It takes time to build connections and support. But many people who stuck around and keep teaching out find a lot of support here.
It sounds like a lot is going on. They say put out the biggest fire first. What do you think is the most urgent thing to attend to?


SMART meetings do nothing with religion.


Hello @Lildezz, giving up is so easy…we’ve been taking the easy way for quiet a while. Being addicts and all, its always easy to escape and give up. How about you try something different? Since taking the easy way doesn’t seem to work…for me it was about being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Its not easy at all, but it’s so very worth it. I always felt alone in a house full of people. I was at work with over 20 employees at a time…and I always felt alone. In reality, there are people there but we are to stubborn and blind to see them. Just keep reaching out and you will find help. Be consistent and don’t give up please. We all matter here. :people_hugging:


Please dont leave! I apologise for me not responding i have been overwhelmed in early recovery! I hope you are doing better! You can PM me and/or there are also many organizations which can help! I read my big book alot Narcotics Aninymous, read the bible and pray! It helps i am alone 80 pervent of ecery day! Continue to reach out!


Losing everything is such a crappy deal to be going thru
My wife left me for a younger guy that was " NOT A SICK AS ME"
To my amusement he’s a not worthy of being dog crap in a shovel. That’s what she said as she asked me to take her back

If you think that maybe it will be better sober, try it. It’s gives me calmness and peace of mind knowing that i went thru it sober

We aren’t getting divorced anymore but sometimes, I dunno, i just wish things didn’t break as badly

I’m referring to Emotional and mental things

Please stick around friend, it can be ok.

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