No offense intended

I just wanted to share with you all a little bit more about myself. Other than being a recovering alcoholic.
I tend to say things before my mind can process it, my bluntness has offended some and pissed off some. I have been told that I hug from my heart and smile from my soul :heartbeat: I am a full blood Native American, and a Scorpion so I tend to be harshly blunt at times and I tried to control it…but it is not happening :woman_shrugging: I don’t judge anyone regardless of race, sexual preference, religion or lack of one.
I am the most imperfect gal ever, my aunt once said that I was meant to be a boy instead of a girl because I am such a Tomboy…I don’t do frilly foofoo…ok, I try for weddings but that’s it. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking…from scratch.
I am here for any of you who may need to chat, some advice or whatever. I am so blessed to have found this site​:pray::sparkles: TYVM for letting me share a little bit more about myself with you :heart:


Thanks for sharing a bit! Lovely picture!!!


Hey Liz! So lovely to meet you and so very glad to have you here with us. Such a beautiful smile you have – seeing your pictures really brightens up the day. Love your spark for life.

Keep posting and connecting :hugs:


I love your spirit and smile. Your presence in this community is awesome already :slight_smile:


Ypu have such a beautiful smile :slight_smile: i see so much joy in ur face. Thank u for sharing a bit more of urself with us all! I used to be quite blunt myself. Its taken a lot of practice to tone that down haha :joy: Speaking our minds isnt a bad thing tho. It has its purpose lol


I do the same sometimes, and try to soften my tone. Sometimes I have to slow my roll and make sure I was careful with my words. Many people are so raw and vulnerable those first days and weeks. I think most people can tell you speak from the heart. I too appreciate your presence here and didn’t see anything harsh at all. We do have so many cultures represented, and English is a second or third language for some. Sometimes things might be misunderstood. It shows you are caring, to want to make sure no one feels hurt. :people_hugging:


Nice to meet you Liz, I already saw some pictures from you and the mountains passing by. What a beautiful environment you live in! :star_struck:


Hi Liz! Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself. Very pleased to meet you. As a full blood native Dutch bloke, and a Scorpion (a typical one at that), and someone who who has some traits that traditionally are ascribed to a sex or a gender or whatever I should call it that’s not obviously mine (not quite sure where I’m going here so I’ll stop), I feel kinship to you. Across the waves and continents. We’re in this together. Glad you’re here friend :people_hugging:.


Welcome Liz. Nice to meet you. I’ve seen or read you around but we haven’t interacted. Yet. This is a great sober community. I’m glad you found us.
The :pray:t2::heart:


Welcome nice to meet you,thank you for sharing :smiling_face:

I’ve seen you around, your pictures are lovley, and you’re sparkling. I love it.

Me? I’m a Pink glittery Sparkling Disneydeligh chatterbox according to a friend of mine.
Fits pretty well :laughing:

A little bit of everything nothing of all (Half blood gypsy raised in Sweden)

Multilingual like so many others here.

March Pisces sun, Moon in Libra, Sagittarius Ascendant.

Been on and off here for years. This time I plan on staying :smiling_face: