No to drinking

I was with a friend today who offered me a drink and it was my first time ever turning down a drink down. It felt good saying “no thanks” and to feel in control for once. I ended up drinking a Coca Cola🥤instead.
I was really proud of myself for refusing that drink and what I thought would be very difficult to say ended up being a lot easier than I thought :thought_balloon:


Well done @Cleo1! This will be me over the weekend lol. It’ll be my first weekend sober in a long while :grimacing:


You got this ! When the time comes stay strong :muscle: you’ll know what to do and pick the right choice. I’m here for support if you need it :pray:

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Thank you so much @Cleo1 :heart: I’m struggling atm because my kids are stressing me out but I’m pushing through…just need to breath lol

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Yes, it’s also good to take some time to yourself. Maybe go for a walk or read a book :open_book: I don’t have kids but I know they are a hand full. But the good thing is they keep you busy and your mind off things. I’m here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out to me!