NoFap Relapse

Hey yall, new to this app not sure if this topic was made or something but anyway, relapsed on day 30 after trying to hit 90 days. Any advice from those that hit 90 days? What tactics did you use to keep yourself from doin it?


Congrats on getting as far as you did! I am trying to get past 5 days, so far that is my record.

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For sure mate, thanks for the tip

Thank you! I always hear the first week is the hardest but progress is progress

Hi Matt,

My advice, for what it’s worth, is to see this not only as extinguishing an old habit (which it is, it all starts there!) but as creating a holistically different lifestyle (physical health, emotional well-being, who you surround yourself with, how you occupy your free time, acceptance, forgiveness and learning to love yourself wholly, Everything!). Invest your whole being into these new habits! As far as cravings go, first, create some distance, more boundaries between an urge and picking up (e.g. don’t have any substance anywhere near, delete numbers, have a sober buddy to call, go to meetings, etc.), use alternative coping skills (mainly, shifting the focus off the craving, e.g. go for an intense run, take a cold shower, etc). Don’t get fooled by cravings (your survival systems acting up and flooding your brain with dopamine creating this totally unrealistic picture), remember why it is that you are doing this, reaffirm your intention everyday, with as much vigor as you can muster (attention goes where emotions are strong, so be strongly positive about it!). Finally, truly, live just for today. Forget the past, let it go. Build tomorrow based on how you live today. And remember that Every craving, negative emotion, always passes, so the next one will too. Use the force, it is within you, not outside of you!

All the best, you can do it :muscle:


Thank you so much! I will be using this strategy starting today. I never thought about some of those ideas, they should put me well past the 90 days if anything.


Thats why is important to get a sober network round you so you can lift the phone before the drink and having others in your network will relate to how you are feeling and assure you that life can be lived without booze . meetings make it easier ,maybe have a new mindset clear the table start a new way of living wish you well


Appreciate it!:pray:

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@BlueSteel great commentary. I’m on day 143 and your advice is spot on. Thanks for the refresher as we can never have enough feedback.

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@Lhasaluv that’s an amazing accomplishment! Indeed, at any point, complacency can set in. We must always refresh our intention and commitment to a different way of living.