Non alcoholic beer is it good?

Any thoughts on non alcoholic beer bourbon etc?

there are tons of threads on this topic. you should read them.


I steer clear.

Basically, I feel that it will give me a false sense of security.

“If I can handle drinking one NA beer, I could certainly handle drinking one real beer.”

For me, it’s not worth the risk.


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You’re gonna find those that enjoy it and those that find it triggering. Many different opinions out there.


What @HoofHearted and @erntedank said.

But also wow. I didn’t even know NA bourbon was a thing. If there’s one taste that would get me drinking again, that’s it.

Slippery slope to me. In hindsight, I was fooling myself ever saying I drank for the taste anyway. And NA tastes even worse.

So many other more hydrating things to enjoy, I’ll pass!


It’s like making love in a canoe.

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Fucking close to water!

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Seriously, there’s better stuff to drink that doesn’t make us think of the variety with alcohol.


I don’t think that is wise turkey

How do you get the triangle?

Took me back to the real thing so not for me

I have had this converstaion with many alchoholics, its called non alchoholic beer because its for non alchoholics.

Ask yourself this question… when you drink alcohol do you drink for the taste or the effect? Does the taste of something hold more power than the effect? I think the answer is we want the effect, i dont recall ever stepping over my children for a slice of good cake. Or waking up sweating because i didnt have a slice of good cake…the effect of alcohol, how it makes us feel or how it helps us not feel is why we drink it…so if your considering using non alcoholic beer ask yourself why your even consIdering it.

If your alcoholic then behaviour and how we think for example justifying this as a solution is something we have to really be careful of.

In my opinion and experience …AVOID

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I dont want to drink so why would i drink something that is manufactured to look and taste the same?