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At my 90 day point, i started AA. I was about at the point where i was going to life as an excuse to drink again. Try a program. AA, SMART, therapy, ect. No one knows what it will take to make you stop except you. A program is designed to help you with that.

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I find working out keeps me off the alcohol. Even if I don’t want to … I make myself do something and afterwards I feel so much better that I did. What kinda exercise do you enjoy? I haven’t done any meetings as yet…it’s on my list of things to do! But for now what I’m doing seems to be working.


If it’s safe to just go cold turkey and you don’t need detox, then do just that. AA, SMART or whatever meetings you can get too. Like you said, put the work in :slight_smile: you can do it


I did it cold turkey, but it depends on how much you drink every day. I drank 1 bottle of wine every day, sometimes a bit more.

I went cold turkey when i got sober no Detox centres or rehab places when i got sober but maybe check with your doctor ,wish you well