Not so common pets

So in order to help with staying sober, I’ve been wanting to get a new pet, but I want something unique and somethig I haven’t had before but isn’t going to break the bank. After doing alot of research i decided I want to a chilean rose tarantula. Anyone else have have some unique/exotic pets?


Used to have about 20 tarantulas, 3 other spiders, 9 scorps, 4 snakes (biggest 3m Boa constrictor), 15 piranhas (several species), wolffish and a caymann. Two iguanas and a chameleon.

Needless to say back then I didn’t have dates :stuck_out_tongue:

Ended up with three captive bred Homo sapiens so I decided to get rid of all other animals…


I have two od those homo sapiens as well. I call them crotch goblins lol