Not so good night


So, I’m 36 days opiate free. (Suboxone, most recently)
Some days I feel fine. Tonight sucks. My RLS has been back for about 3 days now. It never left, entirely, but it lessened for awhile. I was taking melatonin or other sleep aids, and I haven’t done that for a few days. Tonight my body is sore, no energy, very prevalent mood swings, self conscious, uncomfortable, shakey, weak, insomnia, rapid and heavy heartbeat… excuse me while I whine. Granted, some of these things have never left yet, but tonight they just seem too much. This app is my n/a, essentially. I still find myself doing ridiculous amounts of research on recovery, but the fact is that it affects everyone differently, so there’s not much room for comparison or validation. I just want all the wds to fuck off, to put it bluntly. I even thought about ordering that calm support, but is there even any point at this point? (I haven’t researched that one much.) As always, any stories and/or advice is always much appreciated. :heart:


Hang in there, it gets easier! Youve got this :muscle:


Sometimes when days are really tough it’s just good to stay in and rest and get to the next day, I know I need to every once and a while. 36 days is amazing, your killing it.


Get Kratom at your local smoke shop :slight_smile:


I have actually used it, for about 2 wks. Started on night 9 and went from there. I’ve now been off that for what, 2 wks or so. I was literally setting here thinking of taking it when I read your post, haha. I feel like it’s cheating. Like somehow it’s going to just prolong this wd bullshit. My bodily discomfort tonight is ridiculous. :confused:


It takes time, there will be days like this but in time they will get easier to handle.


I keep telling myself that. Like, hey, I don’t need to take kratom, it’ll go away, tomorrow will be another good day. It still surprises me how long wds last. It’s insane, really.


Your not alone in your struggles.


Thank you! This app really is a life saver. It’s the only place I can vent and know people actually get it, ya know? What’s your back story?


It really is. Im 9 days into getting sober, I am a recovering alcoholic.


I don’t know if this is helpful, but I find that days when I am hurting a lot I find that pampering myself a little helps. I give myself permission to hurt first of all. Then I take a hot bath. I put on something comfortable to wear. I have hot tea with magnesium, and watch a movie or television show that helps me relax. :slight_smile:


I almost feel as if kindness to ourselves is the first step. As an addict I struggle with overcoming my own self hatred. Kindness and compassion towards my self makes me feel good. And when I feel good I don’t do destructive or numbing things.


So true! I found myself overeating today and realized I need to be more aware. I stopped and made note of my behavior, even though I wasn’t drinking, because it was abnormal and a symptom of not being well in that moment. I believe that drinking is a symptom of a larger disease and I am really trying hard for real recovery, not just avoiding alcohol.


I love hearing everyone’s feedback. Having each other’s backs is all we have sometimes, right? And a pamper day would be so nice! Now if I can manage to get a day off work… haha. I feel a lot better tonight. Spent the last couple hours doing art. I’m about to lay down, well see how that goes.


I like to watch these motivation videos and other inspirational videos. I put sobriety in my mind and relate all the videos to my fight against my addiction. Sort of visualise the tools they are giving and apply them to me.


I love your videos @Shattered_dreams,have a nice week



Thanks! If they inspire one person, my sharing them isn’t in vain.

Have a great weekend! Stay focused on your goals they will happen. It’s not only a fight against your addiction, but finding all the building blocks of life to create the very best version of us!


For rls id suggest exercise to tire out the body, it’ll help you sleep and youll feel better in general!


Amazing video! Procrastination is a huge flaw of my own and I love that perspective.


I actually started working out again, very slightly, this week and doing yoga again, too. Intense leg work makes my rls worse. So I’ve been focusing more on the yoga side of things.