Odd feelings

The first 14 days of the new year i did great, but…one step forward, 2 steps back…now im on my 13th day sober again from booze, coke, weed, nofap, and have been keeping myself real busy unlike other attempts…been reading, working on things round the house, cars, anything i can think of really that is outside my normal routine of just sitting around getting fucked up…felt great til about day 10…started getting really exhausted and some strange moments that almost feel like dizzyness/anxiety but only last a moment or so then gone. Laying in bed last few nights i get a panicky feeling as im about to doze off that almost make me sick for some reason…went from waking up 8 am first weekend sober to now 3 pm second weekend sober…and thats with going to bed at midnight…last time i went this long i dont really remember feeling this way…my heads been all over the place last few days and mental clarity is just gone out the window…maybe im just keeping TOO busy and tiring myself out?? I dont know, just went from feeling pleasantly “high” sober to feeling mentally drained exhausting sickly sober…high highs lead to low lows i guess…

Hey AtomGee, I think what you’re feeling is really normal, I’m on day 13 as well and I’ve had a lot of anxiety. Going to sleep I was having that same feeling and when I would finally drop off I had this weird sensation almost like being sucked into sleep, I’m not really sure how to describe it. It’s been better the last few days but It seems like lots of ups and downs, one moment I feel great and the next I feel terrible and like I’m going to have a panic attack. We just have to stick with it and I think eventually all of the weird stuff will pass.

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Adjusting and detoxing from drugs and alcohol takes time. Just know it won’t last forever. I was all over the place when I got sober again, couple months later and I have normalized for the most part. Sleep comes naturally and easy, able to wake up on time, not so angry all the damn time.

Getting right takes time, so give it some. Us alcoholics and addicts like quick fixes and sobriety is a journey that last forever.