Odd one out

My best friend is home for a night and she’s doing some dj stuff at a house party. I’m obviously not going but I feel sad today that because of my mental health and because of my drinking that I can’t enjoy things like this. I know I it doesn’t really matter… Just thought I’d reach out on here about it because I know situations like that aren’t good for me and I don’t even enjoy parties but just sometimes wish I was ‘chill’ like everyone else seems to be.

Sometimes you have to stare face to face to your fears and punch it in the face. This will bring so much gratitude and confidence. you will overcome this disease and can live a normal life even if it exist. Its like a used slut that everyones had thier rounds with. so you want no parts of her, but you can still enjoy yourself without her(alcohol)


Hey @Bill_Phillips. This is brilliant and is something I can use in so many different situations. On the way home now after having breakfast with my friend - getting out before the drinks start and reading your response made me feel better knowing that I am doing the best thing for me which is staying sober. Thanks a million and hope you’re having a good day/night! :sunny:️:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @TessieBear,
I’m feeling similarly today. Yesterday and today are the first days I haven’t drank in what seems like months and I also struggle with mental health problems.

However I was feeling anxious and lost so I decided to come in here. I always dealt with my problems by myself instead of joining a community of others going through the same things, and it honestly does help knowing I’m not alone.

I’ve been putting off drinking for so long and now I know I have support if I need it just like you do. Try to stay strong and remember to think of all the positivity being sober brings, and I’ll do the same.

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Sorry to hear you are struggling as well @Dereksem but I’m glad you’ve decided to come on here and get some support/talk to others going through similar things - I’ve definitely found comfort in knowing I’m not alone and this place is great for that. Thanks for the kinds words and best of luck with everything! Sobriety is confronting but I’m sure that it’s worth it. :sunflower:

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@Luluu great advice for dealing with social situations!:grin:

I was sitting here thinking, how hard it’s going to be to get through this weekend without drinking because every weekend I’m invited to work things that tend to have a lot of drinking and questions as to why I’m not drinking. Then I came across this post, wow thank you so much for it because now I can see with the hemp of these tips, i will get through this with the help of this post.