Off to rehab

K I’m almost all packed for rehab that I go to tomorrow at 9am but I’m happy for this opportunity to start a life of recovery, I couldn’t seem to get past day 8 and so rehab is 45 to 60 days which I think is awesome to get me started successfully. Well here I go for a life I deserve which is a life of being clean and sober. Amen!


Good for you! Embrace it. I wish you the best!!


Hoping all goes well for you. Yes,you do deserve to be sober.

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What a great new beginning for you. Stay focused and stay strong . You will do great!

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Well all packed loading up the truck and off I go I’ll check in with how it went when rehab is over. Good luck to all!

Good luck! It is scary but my experience there was SO positive. I hope you have as good of an experience. Best of wishes

Good luck with it…stay strong :facepunch:t3:

Tears of joy for you!! Thats awesome!!

Excelente! Good for you and for the people who loves you. Comeback to tell us the good news.