Oh no.. Well than

Hit rock bottom :-1::no_mouth:
Now what


@MissDanae As awful as rock bottom is, there is beauty in knowing there is only one way to go … UP! We’re here for you and in your corner!


So you stand up…
You look around and you ask yourself ‘do you want to stay at rock bottom?’
Yes - carry on
No - brush yourself off we all fail but we can make a change one little change by not picking up today it will improve your situation.

Have a read we all have stories to share, I hit rock bottom… I lost everything I promise you it can get better.

Reach out and talk, search up some topics and don’t think your Alone I promise you, your not x


I don’t drink.

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Well you can either stay down there or start climbing up, the choice is yours.

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MissDanae your at the bottom only way to go now is UP …GET UP ! setbacks are just that you will come out on top again beileve in yourself and nothing will stop you you got this !!!

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Now you figure out what you’re running from, numbing with your addiction. What’s keeping you running? What are you escaping / evading / avoiding?

The answer to that takes careful reflection and assistance from some people to help give you perspective. It will be the start of a longer lasting recovery for you.

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Put the shovel down and stop digging.

Find a meeting today.
Find a rehab center and find a way to get there.
Get rid of paraphernalia
Delete your dealers number
Take action, one step at a time

No where to go but up.


When I hit my bottom, I had to ask myself “is this really bottom or can I go lower?” The answer was yes I can go lower but am I willing to do everything and anything not to. Again the answer was yes. That’s when I checked myself into detox. My point is, if this is “really” your bottom, you have to be open to change and take action immediately. What is your plan?


When you hit rock bottom the only way is up! Fight it, beat it, learn from it

I do not. Just online meetings if I keep up. I was with one of my good friends and haven’t hung for a while, we needed the time together but… Shit happens

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