Omg a whole month!

So it’s been my first whole month! I feel truly accomplished with this goal. Like I’ve actually have done something important something worth talking about. I remember the first week I couldn’t sleep very well and I was always in a panic but I’ve truly grown up a little. I can’t wait to hit 90 days! I might even throw a little celebration if anyone would like to join lol


Congrats on your one month! :tada:. :raised_hands:t3:. Keep it going!!


Congratulations on 30 days of freedom! Here’s to many more…:confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada::tada:


Absolutely throw a celebration! I celebrated evey month…


Congratulations! It’s such a big achievement. I totally get you at the start it’s daunting but everyday you wake up sober it gives you that little bit more of hope and self belief. I’m on day 10! Keep going :heart:


Super Job! Share w the necomers what you’re doing that’s working!

Well done! :smiley:

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Congratulations :sparkler::fireworks::sparkler::fireworks:


Congratulations!!! Isn’t it awesome to celebrate what you’ve done for yourself?! You have earned all the happiness :slight_smile:

Congratulations on 1 month incredible! Keep going :raised_hands::heart:

Congrats!!! I’m looking forward to hitting a month sober too :slight_smile: What would you say helped you the most to reach a month?

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Just tuning in but for myself rest,and staying hydrated and coming here if I felt alone truly kept me determined

You’ve got this!:smiling_face:

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Congrats on one month!


Right on man! It truly does feel great eh?

Congratulations on your one month :clap: :hugs:

Awesome work. Keep stacking those days

Congratulations well done I’m day 1 again so remember that day and strive forward