Omg finally a week

It’s been a long whole week it feels like. Like it took my forever to get to this point. I’ve learned a little bit during this week and I hope to continue to grow


Great job!!! Keep it up. It does feel like forever in the beginning. Its your brain adjusting to being fully aware. Soak it in and keep going. Refuse to lose!!!

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Well done! :clap: That first week is the hardest and you did it. Go you!


Make sure to keep your guard up though. We are at our weakest when we are our most confident. We can not do moderation.

That’s great news! Congratulations! Keep going :grinning:

I couldn’t agree more but I’m not even close to confident. One I hope to like to be

Omg thank you

Thank you, I hope this next week is easier and better for me mentally.

Hahah thank you so much

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Good work! Keep it going, one day at a time and build that recovery toolbox and USE it! I’m glad you’re here and posting.

One week is really great! Keep stringing those precious days together!:muscle:t3::muscle:t3:

Congratulations on 1 whole week!! Keep up the good work! :muscle:t4::+1:t4:

Thanks brother!

Slowly but surely these app and the people on it have helped me greatly

Awwwh thank you that’s so sweet

Imagine how much you can learn if you learned this in one week already!
Congratulations with your 7 days milestone and keep going/growing! :seedling:

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Same here.never would have gotten this far without TS and everyone here!! Glad you are part of this community!


Congratulations :white_heart: I am at 5 days and it feels like it’s been 5 years. I’ve been an alcoholic for 20 years…only sober when I was pregnant with my children. I hope this gets easier…

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Yeah!! A week is great!! Keep going!!

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Mama I’d like to say it gets easier and one day I’m sure it will but what I’ve learned is it gets harder before it gets better. Hang in there mama I think ur already doing great l

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