One day at the time …. Day one 🙏🏽

Morning/ afternoon/ evening everyone
I joint this group last night as I know I need help again , I’m an recovering alcoholic , who has had a slip , over the last 3 years I’ve been in detox centre 3 times and 3 months rehab, I love sober , it’s so hard , living alone and no support,I’m hoping I can get some words of wisdom and a bit of support here , been reading lots of posts last night and this morning, I’m feeling hope , god bless us all :heart::pray:t4:

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Being active here helped me. I removed anything that had to do with alcohol. I changed people, places and things. I also joined a 12 step recovery program.


Thank you :pray:t4:

AA literature like the Big Book, daily meditations, also meditating like looking up meditations on YouTube for anxiety or stress on YouTube or whatever you need, physical activity, drink lots of water, get to meetings if you can’t get to them in person get to them online over zoom just look up online zoom aa meetings and there might be some from all over literally I’m in the United States in the Midwest and and I go to a zoom meeting every Sunday that’s on the other side of my country lol. Get lots of sleep. Eat healthy. Get a sponsor. Work the steps. Delete people you drank or used with off social media // phone numbers. Take a different route if you have to pass your old hangouts that you used in. Go to treatment if you have to. I’ve been to treatment more times than my hands can count but I never gave up. Find self-care activities like stretching, watching a show you like, taking a bath etc. and me personally I prayed a lot and still do. Just a suggestion. Have a good day and welcome back !

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You got this!

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