One day I feel amazing being sober, the next I feel it's a horrible fight

I’ve had many attempts and failures at getting sober. One of my downfalls is I will be sober a few days and feel fantastic like “I’ve got this.” But the very next day I feel like a failure that can’t continue the sober life and all the happiness is gone. I’m sober 3 days. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hello…congrats on hitting that three days sober…what I have learned over the last 2.5 years of sobriety is that life is much better sober…over the course of these 2.5 years I have had many bad days, days I felt like using, days I have felt lonely, afraid, sad, etc…but when I get through these bad days without using, I find I become much stronger mentally, and emotionally…so when these days come again, I know I can overcome them…As I have continued my sober journey, I have found that these bad days as much fewer than they once were early in sobriety…and they don’t seem quite as overwhelming…one of the great things about being sober now, is that I am able to feel emotions, I am not numb to them…so I actually find joy in the fact that I am feeling anything at all(good, bad, or indifferent)…I hope you are able to find the courage to get through the few bad days in early sobriety, so that u can build the confidence to know you can get through those bad times in the future…keep your head up, and keep pushing forward! Hope this helps


What an AMAZING accomplishment. You must be so proud. I am looking forward to a much happier and healthier life. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

Same here. I’ll be doing well. Working out, feeling great, drinking a beer here and there responsibly then out of nowhere I drink three beers and a pint of whiskey and I’m right back where I started.

Have you read Allen Carr’s book about alcohol ?
Ibe just read it and it’s put a lot of things in perspective.

Try AA as many days in a row that u need.

@Melody I’m on one week today my kids came by to celebrate but this morning all I keep saying is I need to get a fix because I feel depress and sad but we have each other on here so vent instand of messing up your time in. It well pass just know your stronger then what ever your drug of chose is.


@Melody perfectly normal what you are feeling. What has helped me is when I feel like having a drink is to stop and analyze everything that has happened to find out the why. Once I do, I can think of an alternative to deal with whatever it is. I just felt real emotions and cried yesterday for the first time in a long time. Stay strong. You got this!


You can do this!!! We just need stay strong.


Thank you all for your stories and strengths. I appreciate all the feedback.

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@BigNelly10 's words ring so true to me.

@Melody Some days I feel like there is NO WAY I can get through the day without a drink! But I don’t let that thought rule me. I tell myself, “these thoughts & cravings WILL pass” & then I put my attention on something else. I do something healthy that I enjoy, I read & share on forums like this, I watch movies, I meditate, I workout, I cook. I do whatever I can to pass the time in a healthy & enjoyable way. Before I know it I look back like “oh my god I actually got through another craving without giving in” & that gives me so much strength & courage & self confidence to tackle the next craving. Each time I use the courage & strength I gathered from the last time & it gets easier getting through each craving.
Also, looking at triggers & patterns helps us to know what leaves us vulnerable to relapse, it really counts to be self aware, that really helps in knowing what steps we need to take to stay sober. I hope that helps a little. :slight_smile:

Good luck on your journey! You got this!