One of the worst parts of getting sober from weed for me is the surreal and physically painful nightmares, I just woke up from one and I want to smoke so bad right now. I’m even tempted to take one of my girlfriends Xanax which I’m a year sober from

I just had the worst nightmare of my entire life I could feel real life pain and I woke up Into a panic attack and I could still feel the pain I had to wake up my girl to make sure I was really awake. It’s making me want to smoke right now. I just calmed down and stopped crying, In the dream I smoked a blunt and had a reaction where my jaw locked like no jaw has locked before and I felt real life pain in my teeth I was deformed because of my addiction and it felt like some kind of sick warning. When I woke up I could here my jaw unclench and I tasted blood (it was one of the most terrifying sounds) im so shook up I don’t want to go back to sleep. The nightmares get so bad when I quit that sometime it’s the reason for my relapse and I wanna smoke so bad right now. I just want to stop dreaming again I just wanna smoke a blunt and relax but I know I have to stay strong for me and the woman I love it’s just so hard right now


Good you’re here and posting Corey. Sorry for the bad dreams, and yes they can be bad in the beginning. Please hang in there. Try some natural relaxation methods maybe, like breathing excercises, have some herbal tea, whatever helps you. Please don’t take no xanax or any other prescription pill. Keep going Corey, stuff will get better.

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Thank you so much I really appreciate it. I’m not gonna take it My girlfriend is helping me naturally relax and stay strong right now


Been there. Stay sober and in about two weeks they will have mostly subsided.

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Just dont pick up, u start right where u left off always was a downward spiral in my using days everything i justified my using for really was just an excuse, dreams, friends, family, finances, everytime i relapsed i blamed everyone everything, but solely the choice is ours to make if we want be strung out or not. Be strong and continue on with your recovery👍

About 4-6 days is what it would take me to get through the anxiety and depressive state that it would cause for me, i hate dealing with the withdrawls after using marijuana, hope you guys get better soon just try to keep busy and stay positive.:pray:

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