One week sober! And surviving a flight sans alcohol



I made it to one week sober, and I am so proud!

Trigger warning as I will talk in a little detail about temptations so far

So this week has been challenging.

The first day I was so depressed. There had been a few incidents that week leading up to my decision to quit, that were really tormenting me.
That first night was horrible! I had not been ready for the sleeplessness, but the hallucinations sucked!!
I kept hearing voices in the room, and would see shadows in my peripheral.
I was terrified!

It took about 4 days for me to be able to get to sleep spomwe , and stay awake longer.
The last few days has seen me using the bathroom more, and I am so much less bloated now!!

Today was my biggest temptation by far!! 13 hours of flying, where free alcohol is offered SUCKED.
I was soooo close to caving, if not just to knock me out so I could sleep.
I was lucky that the gods were smiling on me, because I had a whole row to myself. The only person in my section!!! So I saw that as a sign on self care fro! The universe, so I drank tea, OJ, water, and one diet coke. I got to lay down and watch movies, and had a massive sleep when I got home.

You guys pulled me through!
I kept thinking how much I would hate having to come and tell you that I had relapsed, and I knew how I would feel after, so I just kept putting it off and then the anxiety wained.

SO happy to be here, and happy to be sober right now :slight_smile:


Thats a huge win, congratulations!!


That’s amazing! I don’t think I could have survived a flight sober at almost a year, but at a week? There is no way! But flying terrifies me more than anything else in the world. Congrats on such strength and determination!


Wow, this is incredible! That is just an amazing accomplishment. That would kill me LOL… Planes alone trigger me, I hate flying and have been denied access to flights before because of my drunken condition. I’m super classy like that :frowning:




Thanks guys! I felt so weak for being so tempted, so hearing that others have the same struggles/fears about sober flying makes me feel amazing :slight_smile:
My Lord was it hard though! Feeling good :slight_smile:


Well done, flying/airports can be a massive trigger. Outstanding work!


Great job getting past those temptations, that can be so SO hard but you did it! And the more you resist, the easier it gets to do so (as you will find out).


Thanks hun, I am learning that slowly. I ate so much during the flight to distract myself, but it worked!
It’s all a journey.
That’s what I keep reminding myself lol


Leaving for the beach on Saturday - already packed and planned within an inch of my life😊.


I agree - that is a huge win! Flying is never a relaxing deal - much less in early sobriety. It sounds like you took good care of yourself. That’s fantastic!


So proud of you!! And seeing that sign for self care was literally and figuratively a sign that you are on the right track! The first week can be super difficult with withdrawal and craving so you should feel great about pulling through! A week milestone is awesome!! :slight_smile: Now on to two weeks!