One word on how you feel today


Content … :100::fire::metal:t4:


I swear I’m listening to my own self talk. I was supporting my spouse for an entire year all for him to end up in prison and me left out here without a job, vehicle, friends, home, family, and most importantly my kids. He too is the same way. Just take and take and give nothing back. Selfish, greedy and arrogant. My family has refused to help me. There were nights when my spouse and I slept in parking lots, or bc of my drug of choice we didn’t sleep at all. My family watched me walk away from a home I had for 5 years. Said no to staying a night, even when it was 20 degree outside. Needless to say I am alone. I don’t have a single person to fall back on but myself. I’m not sure if it is making me stronger or its gonna come at me one day and I will lose my battle. Everyone is wetting us to fail. It’s easier to give up on us than to help. I love this website. I’ve never been so honest with myself and my story. I’ve accepted that I can’t change the past, and we all must keep moving foward.


Thanks; appreciate it


You is very welcome. I’m here to support and help as many as I can.
Keep strong.


Humble. I have 38 days to go to get to my 90 and I want to do it so bad. I am humbled by all the kindness and help people give to each other on here. Hugs to you all. I wish the very best for each of your journeys.xxxxx


Sick. It came on quickly last night and I hope it goes away quickly tonight!


Sore. Between running/biking/physically demanding job my body is feeling it. I declare a day of rest and movie watching!


Blessed that I can enjoy my father’s birthday sober


Scared. . .


Even God rested, enjoy it.


No I didn’t


120 days sober today. I’m gracious, humble, alive, happy, content, centered, chill, loved. I’m all the adjectives. Life’s too good to forsake for a drink.


Well… ya did declare a day of rest and movie watching… soooooooooo yea, ya did.


I was really hoping you weren’t going to notice that


What’s up. Is everything ok.


Day one of this, my last drink was midnight last night and my cravings are already screaming at me, trying to stay busy. . I’m scared of the detoxing that’s to come but so far I’m ok, I worked out this morning and have been drinking a ton of water with lemon- so far just a slight headache.

Thank you for reaching out



But feeling better now that I have had some time to myself to relax :slight_smile:


And happy.
And supported.


Hey, good to see you around. I feel like it’s been a while. I could also just be losing my mind.


It has been a while.