One word on how you feel today


Anxious. 2 weeks clean


There’s plenty of good listeners here and maybe some answers for you too. Whatever it is. Life is what you make it, they say. I dont know who THEY are but maybe THEY have it all figured out already and all we have to do is listen to THEY… oops, i meant them. I hope it all works out well for you…


Who are THEY and where do I find THEM?? I need answers and maybe a fortune teller LOL it’s really something I’ve been struggling with for a handful of years, and I’m just ready for change but don’t actually want to deal with all of it. Marriage is difficult ya know. And thank you!



MWAH!!! I am soooooo glad to see you!!!



I know it is, parenting too. Throw it all together and its like a magic trick with you or “self” being the disappearing rabbit. THEY always say dont forget to be you through it all. I’m also pretty sure as a mom its naturally more difficult to maintain the you in you. On top of all that there’s you’re sobriety. But it is Your’s and so is a your sense of self, at least that’s what THEY say… so you do you and maybe, magically everything else falls into place.




Numb - I believe I am still in denial I will never see my Mom again…


Anxious :flushed::flushed:


Exhausted… I’ve been soooo busy since Friday after work I have not even thought of drink (Ok maybe once briefly). Hang in there everyone!!!


Strong :muscle:t2:
Leaving for my holiday in four days, but did manage to hurt myself yesterday cleaning the garage and had to go to emergency :rotating_light:
Stone cold sober accident! :laughing:


Oh no! What happened?

You still look beautiful though :blush: and I love that necklace


Oh, boy…no way to start a vacation. However, I would not notice the injury if you did not have a band-aid on. Have a great vacation!!! :palm_tree::pineapple::beach_umbrella:


I’m taking two … relieved and grateful


I am feeling ready




It’s a tough balance between holding on and letting go. I know several right in your spot. Stay true to your inner you and you won’t go wrong! :heart:



Went to my first workout session in years. It’s been on the long list of steps I need to take to regain my health, reconnect with who I am and maintain my sobriety. It amazes me how great the body feels after a good workout, in spite of being tired or sore. Oh energy, how Ive missed you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Anxious again, that might be my word of the month.


I feel you. It comes and goes. Doesnt go permanently unless there is a solution.


Fire fighters, Police and Ambulance are at the neighbours house :worried: I hope nobody died there…