One word on how you feel today


@Andreanova Is this a new job? or Just the boss changing?

Why don’t you grab the boss position if people keep vacating?
Maybe people leaving is why you don’t grab that position…good thinking


So TIRED :sweat:


Lazy ! :bug: . . . . . . . .


Awakening…paying attention more. I guess this happens naturally as one remains sober!:thinking:


Better ( today vs yesterday; much more awake )




Surprised …




First week is tough, but you can do it! Hope your day gets a little better.






Anxious - The family is going to start trickling in tonight and tomorrow and the funeral is on Friday.


Restless/weary at the same time. Weird…




Helpless - for other people that I care about who are struggling


In a funk… not the dancing kind. :no_mouth:


Ended up in the ER this morning around 3am till a little after 2pm. Worried and scared something happened after my infusion for my crohns on Tuesday. Turned out being a few kidney stones being passed, mixed with a minor kidney infection from it bc I’m immunocompromised and my ulcers flaring up from reaction to my steroid therapy for the crohns.

Curious what everyone’s thoughts are about if getting a antibiotic, steroid, and pain killer therapy one time in the hospital ER is relapsing? They offered me a pain killer script which I declined but the pain was that unbearable I accepted the diluadid shot from the DR.
Curious what people’s opinions are on that? Is it a relapse?


Getting a shot for bad pain is not relapsing. Getting a script for painkillers and taking more than you’re supposed to at one time is a relapse in my opinion. But it’s objective I guess.
I don’t know if you’re in NA but NA has a whole book called “In Times of illness” which is a good read


I’m feeling alone


Yeah I had a talk with my sponsor afterwards bc being so fresh of relapsing and opiates being my DOC I was concerned and wanted to gauge other people’s opinions on it. I passed on the script bc I know myself and 1 every 6 hours is not happening and that’s fine I just need to be aware of that at this stage in my recovery.
Thanks for you input! Much appreciated