One word on how you feel today






A little better thsnkyou. I’m hopefully getting my family back and a new home together. But it’s a bit touch and go at the minute. Not sure if I’m just being played. Only time will tell.
But Thank you for asking.
How are you doing.


Are you ok


In a good way I hope.


Good my friend, let your actions do your talking for you. Life will take shape.

Glad you are feeling a bit better, keep going, get to the gym, get the shit out of your head on the punch bag.


This post has been deleted.




Defeated, depressed, stuck. I’ve made bad decisions and could use a life reset, but I can’t make myself take the steps I need to take to make that happen.




Yeah, in a “My body is going nuts because it isn’t steeped in booze” way. Thanks for checking though




Unfit :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


A little defeated but hopeful. I know that’s 2 words lol






Is it possible to feel determined terrified and exhausted and racey all at once?




Focus on the first one and remember why ur quiting


@Madmadixx how long have u been sober hun?