One word on how you feel today


Pained. Mental health is good, physical health is poor. Hoping to feel better soon so i can carry on with my spring cleaning.


“As long as you are alive, there’s always a chance things will get better”. Wish you the best


Deflated , big change from yesterday :confounded:


Ready to take on the day!


Inspired! I am inspired to share what has been given to me! We are never alone and don’t have to be isolated!


Physically: amazing!!! Had cross fit today. My first leg day. Emotionally: tired. :sleepy: it’ll get better though. Fake it. Til you make it. :grin::grin::grin:




Happy. Sad. Irritable. Stable. Goofy. Crazy.
All the feelings.


Sleepless…super hot too ughh. Wish it was tomorrow all ready or maybr like fast forward 3 months js to play it safe lol


I used to workout alot. My doc replaced that. I occasionally test my strength with pistol squats luckily still quite a lot of muscle tone left thankfully. Want to start back tomorrow on the workout to now replace the drugs again. The cycle continues n the struggle is real…ugh





Anxious! (waiting to hear back from a job I really want/need.


Anxious. My boss talked to me again because of the mistakes I still keep making. I think I just can’t deal with stress any more. The more stress, the more confused I get. Maybe a sign to find another Job.


I have never worked out. So all of this is completely new to me. Lol. I’m glad you are going to start working out again. I’m on my third week and it’s so worth it. I am so out of shape that i usually puke after class. Lol. I never thought I’d enjoy puking. I’m having the hardest time keeping my core engaged while working out. Like i can walk around all day and it’s tight. But the moment i work it. It’s like Ohmygoodness what are you doing. Lol. I’ll get it though. I would love to hear about how your work out goes. :grin::grin::grin:


I can relate.




Nervous… Anxious. I skipped my meditation exercises today and I can feel it…


haha exactly.
…and I don’t likes it!



What would be one word for those three?