Online meeting

Just an idea at the moment. So I travel a lot and can’t always get to a meeting, I know there’s AA online, but given there’s a lot of AA people on here I wondered if anyone would be interested in creating our own online group? With a Skype meeting perhaps and certain discussion topics on a regular basis.

It would take a bit of planning but I’d be happy to be involved and wonder if anyone else would be interested in this?

I’m keen to start increasing my service and giving back as it’s probably the area I’ve not focused on as much.


I’d definitely be interested in that!

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Well we all know I’ve never been to a meeting, but I’m fairly certain I would be down with this. Hopefully by the time this got up and running I will have been to a few meetings around me. Just have to quit straddling that line between contemplation and action.

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I have never been to one…so I am game!

I’d be interested as well.

Yes! Me too!!! Sounds like a great idea!

And me. I’m hoping to get my courage up to go to my first meeting next week.


I’m here for this! :pray:

Thanks everyone for your interest so far. I’d need to plan format, timezones etc so it will take a bit of time if we can get something up and running. Great to see new people interested, would need a good few more program people to get on board too for it to really work so please let me know if you are interested.

Please feel free to suggest ideas etc, everything will be considered but it will stick to the basic principles of the 12 steps and 12 traditions.


Why wait till next week? Just think of it like pulling a bandaid off. The quicker you do it, the better you feel!

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