Out of sight, not out of mind

Hey Y’all! It’s been a hot minute since I posted, but I’m still kicking! So, 11 days ago I reached 7 months clean and sober. I’m very proud of myself but am truly petrified at the moment. I have been working HELLA CRAZY HOURS (over 100 hours for the last 8 checks), I’m facing about 2 to 3 surgeries, my husband has had 3 mild heart attacks and a “mini-stroke” (what ever that is), just had a permanent heart monitor placed in his chest, is having surgery again next month, AAANNNND, I’m entering a custody battle here quite shortly. (Anyone need any stress cuz I’ve got PLENTY…)


Life is so much better without an altered head!

And I’ve learned that EVERY day is a good day, some are just better than others…

I’m keeping my head up, my shoulders back, grinning so big my cheeks hurt and I’m on my knees nightly talking to my higher power so I KNOW I can do this!!!

Thanks for letting me dump all over y’all!



Good to see your doing well! Seven months is awesome!

Try and fit some self care into that busy schedule. Its easy to get caught up in our new sober lives that we forget to take a moment to recharge our recovery batteries.

Glad you checked in!


It’s great to see you Jade! I’m sorry that things are so stressful for you at the moment. I think @JasonFisher is spot on. Try not to forget to look after you. You are doing amazingly considering all of the stuff you are facing at this time. Stay strong, we are here if you need us! :pray:t2::two_hearts: