Over 1 year alcohol free and still a alcoholic

Yesterday i was doing amazing. I thought to myself i might not even be a alcoholic after over 1 year without

On social media
I came across a old friends page
He had pics of him having so much fun while drinking

Him drinking or not isnt my business but i did reminisce good times and i craved a bit but i already knew that my life is different and drinking will only hurt me

I am over a month sober from my doc marijuana
I have dreams
I wake up sad
I get irritable
I get anxiety
All over marijuana
I am crazy for the stuff

If i sip alcohol
All bets are off and im running for it
I know this because i know id do it for weed too

I am a very big alcoholic addict and sence 1 year without alcohol my life changed for the better
No coincidence at all


Congratulations on your alcohol free year!!! A big accomplishment and some big realizations in your post!! :partying_face::muscle:


Yess thanks sas

I thought i could not be a alcoholic and can easily never drink again until i was on that page
Thats when i relized easily i will be a alcoholic for life


Great post. So good you can reflect on current life sober comparing to your past. Memories of good times where alcohol was present should not be looked upon as bad keep the great times always in your mind.


Yeah, I tried that oh I can drink again thing along the way a few times myself. It doesn’t work that way. Eventually we end up where we always end up. Glad you know it!!!


Thanks tail
I had some fun. But i have to admit i was a dangerous drinker sence day 1. Not because i was mean, i had a lot of fun but friend… i drank till blackout if i could … like if it was possible id do it. I drank ALOT


It has to be true i cant drink normal. According to my histiry i never even wanted to

I remember one time i bought 2 good bottles thinking i could fancy a shot 1 time or 2 times a night and make it last
It was all gone that day


This would be a good mantra to repeat to yourself.For the better. No coincidence. It’s funny how my mind will lie to me and tell me “it’s okay to just take one pull off of my vape " or " just one line of dope is fine.” But it’s never been just one of anything. And it never will be. The key that unlocks my jail cell is total abstinence. Total . :100:. You got this @Noshame . ODAAT. Stay strong :muscle:


That would be a pre-appetizer for me. Total abstinence I believe makes you feel better about yourself and gives you a power of self


You just wrote my story, congrats on your 1 year it’s been a pleasure to watch it. Well done :+1: