Over a month later…

Hi there!
I’m over a month in already. Tomorrow night will be 35 days alcohol free! I’m proud of myself! Is it normal to experience fatigue and lack of motivation? Even irritability? What advice do you have to combat these obstacles?
Good news: the weather is finally getting warmer here and that helps.
Challenges: being a teacher of teenagers this time of year while still being a good parent and spouse
Thank you all for your support!


Congrats! Going strong :muscle:t4::relieved:


Definitely normal to feel that way. Your body is still adjusting. Stay strong, you’ve got this


Well done on your 35 days of sobriety. :tada:

Totally normal to feel this way. I even got bouts of fogginess. I allowed myself to rest (a lot of sleep) whenever possible. I also gave in to my sugar cravings which did help with the irritability.
Deep breathing / meditation can also help. Remember to just being gentle with yourself - knowing that you are detoxing from the physical as well as the emotional bonds with alcohol can take time.

Keep going strong – it does get easier :hugs:


It was for me.

First congratulations on you 35 ODAAT’s
That’s awesome :clap:

Lucky for me I was retired when I started my sober journey. I just had to feel it. Sometimes I got depressed. I just had to feel it. Sometimes it was a couple of days. As long as I got the dog walked. Took care of the cats. Ate as healthy as possible and just didn’t drink it was a victory each morning. I’d get on the gratitude thread and be grateful my head hit the pillow sober.
This too shall pass. It always did for me.
I also spent a lot of time on here. Especially the meme thread and nature and pet threads.


Well done for reaching 35 days. Solid effort!